Firmware update for SPRY May 2019

Just like your smartphone, your drone sometimes need a few updates. Either to fix bugs or to improve features.

In May, SwellPro released an update for the SPRY.
Update Details:

#1: Modify the gyroscope calibration algorithm to reduce the uncertainty caused by the environment or impact. If the aircraft on the ground prompts to calibrate the gyroscope, calibrate the gyroscope.

#2: Modify altitude algorithm parameters and altitude control logic to improve altitude-locking performance in flight, but only when good GPS signals are available.


#1: After updating the firmware, please calibrate the gyroscope twice (more can be better). Doesn't have to do IMU calibration or Compass calibration.

#2: ATTI mode is changed to ATT mode without altitude locking function.

#3: Please do normal test on as a user in GPS mode. Fly from land, fly on water. Fly one or two battery for the first day, and try again the second day.

So how do you update your firmware?

You will find all relevant files etc. here:

So far, we have not made a video tutorial - should come in soon!

Until then, our friends from Urban Drones, have made a fantastic “How to” video on firmware updates for SPRY.

You can find it below:

If there should be any issues, please contact us at

Remember to always check local drone regulations, before flying the drones.